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Location: Juvenile Fiction

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Title Author Pub date Call Number
A ghost tale for Christmas time Osborne, Mary Pope. 2010 J FIC OSBORNE
A perfect time for pandas Osborne, Mary Pope. 2012 J FIC OSBORNE
Aim Hostetter, Joyce Moyer, author. 2016 J FIC HOSTETTER
Arctic freeze Earhart, Kristin, author. 2015 J FIC EARHART
Astrotwins : project blastoff Kelly, Mark E. 2015 J FIC KELLY
Boy X Smith, Dan, 1970- author. 2017 J FIC SMITH
Brightwood Unsworth, Tania, author. 2016 J FIC UNSWORTH
Broken ground Schwab, Victoria, author. 2015 J FIC SPI
Carnival in a fix Reeve, Philip, author. 2017 J FIC REEVE
Cavern of secrets Park, Linda Sue, author. 2017 J FIC PARK
Cinnamon moon Hilmo, Tess, author. 2016 J FIC HILMO
Dragonwatch Mull, Brandon, 1974- author. 2017 J FIC MULL
Escape to Australia Patterson, James, 1947- author. 2017 J FIC PATTERSON
Family game night and other catastrophes Lambert, Mary E., 1984- author. 2017 J FIC LAMBERT
Fenway and Hattie Coe, Victoria J. 2016 J FIC COE
Fenway and Hattie and the Evil Bunny Gang Coe, Victoria J., author. 2017 J FIC COE
Forever, or a long, long time Carter, Caela, author. 2017 J FIC CARTER
Frank Einstein and the evoblaster belt Scieszka, Jon, author. 2016 J FIC SCIESZKA
Freaky Friday. Rodgers, Mary, 1931-2014. 2003 J FIC RODGERS
Great reef games Earhart, Kristin, author. 2015 J FIC EARHART
Heart of a champion Schwartz, Ellen, 1949- author. 2016 J FIC SCHWARTZ
House of robots : robot revolution Patterson, James, 1947- author. 2017 J FIC PATTERSON
Immortal guardians Schrefer, Eliot, 1978- author. 2015 J FIC SPI
In darkling wood Carroll, Emma, 1970- author. 2017 J FIC CARROLL
Jack Death Windsor, M. L., author. 2016 J FIC WINDSOR
Journey through ash and smoke Messner, Kate, author. 2017 J FIC MESSNER
Last day on Mars Emerson, Kevin, author. 2017 J FIC EMERSON
Long live the queen : magnificent tales of misadventure Swallow, Gerry, author. 2017 J FIC SWALLOW
Love, Ish Rivers, Karen, 1970- author. 2017 J FIC RIVERS
Mae and June and the wonder wheel Harper, Charise Mericle, author. 2017 RFC J FIC HARPER
Me and Marvin Gardens King, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 1970- author. 2017 J FIC KING
Midnight without a moon Jackson, Linda Williams, author. 2017 J FIC JACKSON
Mutant rat attack! Cooper, Jay, 1974- author. 2017 J FIC COOPER
Night of the ninth dragon Osborne, Mary Pope, author. 2016 J FIC OSBORNE
Olga and the smelly thing from nowhere Gravel, Elise, author. 2017 J FIC GRAVEL
One amazing elephant High, Linda Oatman author. 2017 J FIC HIGH
Otherwise known as Possum Laso, Maria D., author. 2017 J FIC LASO
Race the Wild Rain forest relay Earhart, Kristin, author. 2015 J FIC EARHART
Savanna showdown Earhart, Kristin, author. 2016 J FIC EARHART
Secret origins Riley, James, 1977- author. 2017 J FIC RILEY
See you in the cosmos Cheng, Jack, 1983- author. 2017 J FIC CHENG
Short Sloan, Holly Goldberg, 1958- author. 2017 J FIC SLOAN
Storm horse Garlick, Nicholas, 1954- author. 2017 J FIC GARLICK
Story thieves Riley, James, 1977- 2015 J FIC RILEY
Superfudge Blume, Judy. 2003 J FIC BLUME
The Elders Iserles, Inbali, author. 2016 J FIC ISERLES
The Ethan I was before Standish, Ali, author. 2017 J FIC STANDISH
The Harlem charade Tarpley, Natasha, author. 2017 J FIC TARPLEY
The Silver Gate Bailey, Kristin, author. 2017 J FIC BAILEY
The Wearle D'Lacey, Chris, author. 2017 J FIC D'LACEY
The burning tide Auxier, Jonathan, author. 2016 J FIC SPI
The castle in the attic Winthrop, Elizabeth. 1994 J FIC WINTHROP
The friendship experiment Teagan, Erin, author. 2016 J FIC TEAGAN
The goldfish boy Thompson, Lisa (Lisa Anne), 1973- author. 2017 J FIC THOMPSON
The hammer of Thor Riordan, Rick, author. 2016 J FIC RIORDAN
The haunted howl Luper, Eric, author. 2016 J FIC KEY HUNTERS
The house of months and years Trevayne, Emma, author. 2017 J FIC TREVAYNE
The many reflections of Miss Jane Deming Coats, J. Anderson (Jillian Anderson), author. 2017 J FIC COATS
The mysterious moonstone Luper, Eric, author. 2016 J FIC KEY HUNTERS
The return Johnson, Varian, author. 2016 J FIC SPI
The someday birds Pla, Sally J., author. 2017 J FIC PLA
The spy's secret Luper, Eric, author. 2016 J FIC KEY HUNTERS
The stolen chapters Riley, James, 1977- 2016 J FIC RILEY
The unbeatable squirrel girl : squirrel meets world Hale, Shannon, author. 2017 J FIC HALE
The wizard's war Luper, Eric, author. 2017 J FIC KEY HUNTERS
Train I ride Mosier, Paul, author. 2017 J FIC MOSIER
When my sister started kissing Frost, Helen, 1949- author. 2017 J FIC FROST
You throw like a girl Alpine, Rachele, 1979- 2017 J FIC ALPINE