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Title Author Pub date Call Number
A French wedding : a novel Tunnicliffe, Hannah, 1979- author. 2017 FIC TUNNICLIFFE
A distant view of everything McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948- author. 2017 FIC MCCALL SMITH
A fugitive in Walden Woods Lock, Norman, 1950- author. 2017 FIC LOCK
A game of ghosts : a Charlie Parker thriller Connolly, John, 1968- author. 2017 FIC CONNOLLY
A kind of justice : a novel James, Renee author. 2016 FIC JAMES
A stranger in the house Lapeńa, Shari, 1960- 2017 FIC LAPENA
Afterlife Sakey, Marcus, author. 2017 FIC SAKEY
Among the lesser gods : a novel Catts, Margo author. 2017 FIC CATTS
Any dream will do : a novel Macomber, Debbie, author. 2017 FIC MACOMBER
Bannerless Vaughn, Carrie, author. 2017 SF VAUGHN
Barely legal : a Herbie Fisher novel Woods, Stuart, author. 2017 MYS WOODS
Beach house for rent Monroe, Mary Alice, author. 2017 FIC MONROE
Beautiful tempest Lindsey, Johanna, author. 2017 FIC LINDSEY
Beloved hope Peterson, Tracie author. 2017 FIC PETERSON
Beneath Copper Falls Coble, Colleen, author. 2017 FIC COBLE
Beneath a scarlet sky : a novel Sullivan, Mark T, author. 2017 FIC SULLIVAN
Besieged : stories from the Iron Druid chronicles Hearne, Kevin, author. 2017 FIC HEARNE
Blame Abbott, Jeff, author. 2017 MYS ABBOTT
Bring her home Bell, David, 1969 November 17- author. 2017 FIC BELL
Burntown : a novel McMahon, Jennifer, 1968- author. 2017 FIC MCMAHON
Class : a novel Pacifico, Francesco, 1977- author, translator. 2017 FIC PACIFICO
Cocoa Beach Williams, Beatriz, author. 2017 FIC WILLIAMS
Collared Rosenfelt, David, author. 2017 MYS ROSENFELT
Crime scene : a novel Kellerman, Jonathan, author. 2017 MYS KELLERMAN
Dangerous minds : a Knight and Moon novel Evanovich, Janet, author. 2017 MYS EVANOVICH
Dark rites Graham, Heather, author. 2017 FIC GRAHAM
Deadfall Fairstein, Linda A., author. 2017 MYS FAIRSTEIN
Down a dark road Castillo, Linda, author. 2017 MYS CASTILLO
Dragonsworn Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author. 2017 FIC KENYON
Every last lie : a novel Kubica, Mary, author. 2017 FIC KUBICA
Every other Wednesday Kietzman, Susan, author. 2017 FIC KIETZMAN
Exposed Scottoline, Lisa, author. 2017 MYS SCOTTOLINE
Fierce kingdom : a novel Phillips, Gin, author. 2017 FIC PHILLIPS
Final girls : a novel Sager, Riley, author. 2017 FIC SAGER
Fitness junkie : a novel Sykes, Lucy, author. 2017 FIC SYKES
Flood : a novel Young, Melissa Scholes. author. 2017 FIC YOUNG
Fox hunter Sharp, Zoë, 1966- author. 2017 MYS SHARP
Gather the daughters : a novel Melamed, Jennie, author. 2017 SF MELAMED
Girl in snow : a novel Kukafka, Danya, author. 2017 FIC KUKAFKA
Gone gull Andrews, Donna, author. 2017 MYS ANDREWS
Grace : a novel Lynch, Paul, 1977- author. 2017 FIC LYNCH
Hello, Sunshine : a novel Dave, Laura author. 2017 FIC DAVE
Here and gone : a novel Beck, Haylen, author. 2017 MYS BECK
His guilt Gray, Shelley Shepard author. 2017 FIC GRAY
House of spies Silva, Daniel, 1960- author. 2017 FIC SILVA
How to find love in a bookshop Henry, Veronica 2017 FIC HENRY
Hum if you don't know the words Marais, Bianca, 1976- author. 2017 FIC MARAIS
Hunting hour Mizushima, Margaret, author. 2017 MYS MIZUSHIMA
I know a secret : a novel Gerritsen, Tess, author. 2017 MYS GERRITSEN
I'll eat when I'm dead Bourland, Barbara, author. 2017 MYS BOURLAND
If the creek don't rise : a novel Weiss, Leah, 1947- author. 2017 FIC WEISS
Indian summer Willett, Marcia, author. 2017 FIC WILLETT
Kiss Carlo : a novel Trigiani, Adriana, author. 2017 FIC TRIGIANI
Less : a novel Greer, Andrew Sean, author. 2017 FIC GREER
Look behind you Johansen, Iris, author. 2017 MYS JOHANSEN
Lost and found sisters Shalvis, Jill, author. 2017 FIC SHALVIS
Made for love : a novel Nutting, Alissa, author. 2017 FIC NUTTING
Miramar Bay Bunn, T. Davis, 1952- author. 2017 FIC BUNN
Mrs. Fletcher : a novel Perrotta, Tom, 1961- author. 2017 FIC PERROTTA
Murder at the puppy fest Berenson, Laurien, author. 2017 MYS BERENSON
Murder games : a thriller Patterson, James, 1947- author. 2017 FIC PATTERSON
Murder on Black Swan Lane Penrose, Andrea, author. 2017 MYS PENROSE
My sister's bones : a novel of suspense Ellwood, Nuala, author. 2017 FIC ELLWOOD
No mortal thing Seymour, Gerald, author. 2017 FIC SEYMOUR
Nothing stays buried Tracy, P. J., author. 2017 MYS TRACY
On her majesty's frightfully secret service Bowen, Rhys, author. 2017 MYS BOWEN
Out in the open : a novel Carrasco, Jesús, author. 2017 FIC CARRASCO
Paradise valley Box, C. J., author. 2017 MYS BOX
Part of the silence Howells, Debbie, author. 2017 FIC HOWELLS
Perennials : a novel Berman, Mandy, author. 2017 FIC BERMAN
Persons unknown : a novel Steiner, Susie, 1971- author. 2017 FIC STEINER
Refuge : a novel Nayeri, Dina, author. 2017 FIC NAYERI
Secrets of the Tulip Sisters Mallery, Susan, author. 2017 FIC MALLERY
Seeing red Brown, Sandra, 1948- author. 2017 FIC BROWN
Seven stones to stand or fall : a collection of outlander fiction Gabaldon, Diana, author. 2017 FIC GABALDON
Shadow girl Schmitt, Gerry, author. 2017 MYS SCHMITT
Shadows on the lake Cocco, Giovanni, 1976- author. 2017 MYS COCCO
Some kind of hero Brockmann, Suzanne, author. 2017 FIC BROCKMANN
Soul cage Honda, Tetsuya, 1969- author. 2017 MYS HONDA
Spoonbenders : a novel Gregory, Daryl, author. 2017 FIC GREGORY
Take out : a mystery Maron, Margaret, author. 2017 MYS MARON
Ten dead comedians Van Lente, Fred, author. 2017 MYS VANLENTE
The Marsh King's daughter Dionne, Karen, author. 2017 MYS DIONNE
The Templars' last secret : a Bruno, Chief of Police novel Walker, Martin, 1947 January 23- author. 2017 MYS WALKER
The Wildling sisters Chase, Eve, author. 2017 FIC CHASE
The address : a novel Davis, Fiona, 1966- author. 2017 FIC DAVIS
The almost sisters Jackson, Joshilyn, author. 2017 FIC JACKSON
The black elfstone : the fall of Shannara Brooks, Terry, author. 2017 SF BROOKS
The bone mother Demchuk, David, author. 2017 FIC DEMCHUK
The breakdown Paris, B. A., author. 2017 FIC PARIS
The child Barton, Fiona, author. 2017 FIC BARTON
The clockwork dynasty : a novel Wilson, Daniel H. (Daniel Howard), 1978- author. 2017 FIC WILSON
The daughter of Sherlock Holmes Goldberg, Leonard S., author. 2017 MYS GOLDBERG
The doll funeral : a novel Hamer, Kate, author. 2017 FIC HAMER
The duchess : a novel Steel, Danielle, author. 2017 FIC STEEL
The dying detective : a mystery Persson, Leif G. W, author. 2017 MYS PERSSON
The fallen Atkins, Ace, author. 2017 MYS ATKINS
The force : a novel Winslow, Don, 1953- author. 2017 FIC WINSLOW
The good daughter : a novel Slaughter, Karin, 1971- author. 2017 MYS SLAUGHTER
The gypsy moth summer : a novel Fierro, Julia, author. 2017 FIC FIERRO
The identicals : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin, author. 2017 FIC HILDERBRAND
The last Tudor Gregory, Philippa, author. 2017 FIC GREGORY
The last days of Café Leila Bijan, Donia, author. 2017 FIC BIJAN
The last iota Kroese, Robert, author. 2017 FIC KROESE
The late show Connelly, Michael, 1956- author. 2017 MYS CONNELLY
The library of light and shadow : a novel Rose, M. J., 1953- author. 2017 FIC ROSE
The life she was given Wiseman, Ellen Marie, author. 2017 FIC WISEMAN
The light in summer McNear, Mary, author. 2017 FIC MCNEAR
The lightkeeper's daughters : a novel Pendziwol, Jean, author. 2017 FIC PENDZIWOL
The lying game Ware, Ruth, author. 2017 MYS WARE
The marriage pact : a novel Richmond, Michelle, 1970- author. 2017 FIC RICHMOND
The ministry of utmost happiness : a novel Roy, Arundhati, author. 2017 FIC ROY
The missing masterpiece : a Dorothy Martin mystery Dams, Jeanne M. author. 2017 MYS DAMS
The nearness of you Garlock, Dorothy, author. 2017 FIC GARLOCK
The painted queen Peters, Elizabeth, 1927-2013, author. 2017 FIC PETERS
The people we hate at the wedding Ginder, Grant, author. 2017 FIC GINDER
The rat catchers' olympics Cotterill, Colin author. 2017 MYS COTTERILL
The readymade thief Rose, Augustus, author. 2017 FIC ROSE
The reason you're alive : a novel Quick, Matthew, 1973- author. 2017 FIC QUICK
The right side : a novel Quinn, Spencer, author. 2017 MYS QUINN
The rise and fall of D.O.D.O. : a novel Stephenson, Neal, author. 2017 SF STEPHENSON
The secret diary of Hendrik Groen Groen, Hendrik, author. 2017 FIC GROEN
The secrets she keeps : a novel Robotham, Michael, 1960- author. 2017 FIC ROBOTHAM
The secrets you keep : a novel White, Kate, 1950- author. 2017 FIC WHITE
The shark club Taylor, Ann Kidd, author. 2017 FIC TAYLOR
The silent corner : a novel of suspense Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945- author. 2017 MYS KOONTZ
The song of the orphans Price, Daniel, 1970- author. 2017 SF PRICE
The store Patterson, James, 1947- author. 2017 FIC PATTERSON
The strange case of the alchemist's daughter Goss, Theodora, author. 2017 FIC GOSS
The swallow's nest Richards, Emilie, 1948- author. 2017 FIC RICHARDS
The ultimatum Robards, Karen, author. 2017 FIC ROBARDS
The waking land Bates, Callie, author. 2017 FIC BATES
The weight of lies : a novel Carpenter, Emily, 1967- author. 2017 MYS CARPENTER
The windfall : a novel Basu, Diksha, author. 2017 FIC BASU
Tom Clancy point of contact Maden, Mike, author. 2017 FIC MADEN
Trap the devil Coes, Ben, author. 2017 FIC COES
Two heads are deader than one Hartwell, Elena, author. 2017 MYS HARTWELL
Two nights : a novel Reichs, Kathy, author. 2017 MYS REICHS
Undaunted Palmer, Diana, author. 2017 FIC PALMER
Unsub : a novel Gardiner, Meg, author. 2017 FIC GARDINER
Use of force : a thriller Thor, Brad, author. 2017 FIC THOR
Watch me disappear : a novel Brown, Janelle author. 2017 FIC BROWN
What we lose : a novel Clemmons, Zinzi 2017 FIC CLEMMONS
When the English fall : a novel Williams, David (David Gerald), 1969- 2017 FIC WILLIAMS
White fur : a novel Libaire, Jardine, author. 2017 FIC LIBAIRE
Wired Garwood, Julie, author. 2017 FIC GARWOOD
Without fear or favor : a novel Tanenbaum, Robert, author. 2017 FIC TANENBAUM
You'll never know, dear : a novel of suspense Ephron, Hallie, author. 2017 FIC EPHRON
Zero sum : a John Rain novel Eisler, Barry, author. 2017 FIC EISLER