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Title Author Pub date Call Number
A column of fire Follett, Ken, author. 2017 FIC FOLLETT
A face to die for Kane, Andrea, author. 2017 FIC KANE
A legacy of spies Le Carré John, 1931- author. 2017 FIC LE CARRE
A place in the wind Chazin, Suzanne, author. 2017 MYS CHAZIN
A plague of giants Hearne, Kevin, author. 2017 FIC HEARNE
A snow country Christmas Miller, Linda Lael, author. 2017 FIC MILLER
After Anatevka : a novel inspired by Fiddler on the roof Silber, Alexandra, author. 2017 FIC SILBER
Alone : Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk : defeat into victory Korda, Michael, 1933- author. 2017 940.542 KOR
An Irish country practice Taylor, Patrick, 1941- author. 2017 FIC TAYLOR
An echo of murder : a William Monk novel Perry, Anne, 1943- author. 2017 MYS PERRY
Autonomous Newitz, Annalee, 1969- author. 2017 SF NEWITZ
Beast : a novel Kingsnorth, Paul, 1972- author. 2017 FIC KINGSNORTH
Bess Crawford mysteries. 09 : A casualty of war Todd, Charles, author. 2017 MYS TODD
Bluebird, bluebird : a novel Locke, Attica, author. 2017 MYS LOCKE
Call of fire Cato, Beth, author. 2017 FIC CATO
Caroline : Little house, revisited Miller, Sarah Elizabeth, 1979- author. 2017 FIC MILLER
Cat shining bright Murphy, Shirley Rousseau, author. 2017 MYS MURPHY
Charlatans Cook, Robin, 1940- author. 2017 FIC COOK
Chasing down a dream Jenkins, Beverly, 1951- author. 2017 FIC JENKINS
Cherished Mercy Peterson, Tracie, author. 2017 FIC PETERSON
Children of the fleet Card, Orson Scott. 2017 FIC CARD
City of saviors Hall, Rachel Howzell author. 2017 MYS HALL
Class mom : a novel Gelman, Laurie, author. 2017 FIC GELMAN
Confessions of a domestic failure Laditan, Bunmi author. 2017 FIC LADITAN
Dark legacy a Carpathian novel Feehan, Christine, author. 2017 FIC FEEHAN
Deep freeze Sandford, John, 1944 February 23- author. 2017 FIC SANDFORD
Devil's call Dorn, J. Danielle, author. 2017 FIC DORN
Devil's cut : a Bourbon Kings novel Ward, J. R., 1969- author. 2017 FIC WARD
Dog dish of doom : an Agent to the paws mystery Copperman, E. J., 1957- author. 2017 MYS COPPERMAN
Don't let go Coben, Harlan, 1962- author. 2017 MYS COBEN
Drowning tides Harper, Karen (Karen S.), author. 2017 MYS HARPER
Eat only when you're hungry Hunter, Lindsay, 1980- author. 2017 FIC HUNTER
Emma in the night Walker, Wendy, 1967- author. 2017 FIC WALKER
Enemy of the state Mills, Kyle, 1966- author. 2017 FIC MILLS
Enigma Coulter, Catherine, author. 2017 FIC COULTER
Fairytale : a novel Steel, Danielle, author. 2017 FIC STEEL
Falling darkness Harper, Karen (Karen S.), author. 2017 MYS HARPER
Forever and a death Westlake, Donald E. author. 2017 MYS WESTLAKE
Fresh complaint : stories Eugenides, Jeffrey, author. 2017 FIC EUGENIDES
George & Lizzie : a novel Pearl, Nancy, author. 2017 FIC PEARL
Ghost on the case Hart, Carolyn G. author. 2017 MYS HART
Glass houses : a novel Penny, Louise, author. 2017 MYS PENNY
Go, went, gone Erpenbeck, Jenny, 1967- author. 2017 FIC ERPENBECK
Gone to dust Goldman, Matt, author. 2017 MYS GOLDMAN
Hanna who fell from the sky : a novel Meades, Christopher, author. 2017 FIC MEADES
Haunted Patterson, James, 1947- author. 2017 FIC PATTERSON
Him, me, Muhammad Ali : stories Jarrar, Randa, author. 2016 FIC JARRAR
Holly and Ivy Michaels, Fern, author. 2017 FIC MICHAELS
Home fire : a novel Shamsie, Kamila, 1973- author. 2017 FIC SHAMSIE
I, Eliza Hamilton Scott, Susan Holloway, author. 2017 FIC SCOTT
In the distance Díaz, Hernán, 1973- author. 2017 FIC DIAZ
It : a novel King, Stephen, 1947- author. 2017 FIC KING
Keep her safe Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author. 2017 FIC HANNAH
Keep you safe Hill, Melissa, 1974- author. 2017 FIC HILL
Kill the heroes Thurlo, David, author. 2017 MYS THURLO
Killing season Kellerman, Faye, author. 2016 MYS KELLERMAN
Lie to me Ellison, J. T., author. 2017 FIC ELLISON
Lightning men : a novel Mullen, Thomas, author. 2017 MYS MULLEN
Lilac Lane Woods, Sherryl, author. 2017 FIC WOODS
Little fires everywhere Ng, Celeste author. 2017 FIC NG
Live from Cairo : a novel Bassingthwaighte, Ian 2017 FIC BASSINGTHWAIGHTE
Love and other consolation prizes : a novel Ford, Jamie, author. 2017 FIC FORD
Manhattan Beach : a novel Egan, Jennifer, author. 2017 FIC EGAN
Map of the heart Wiggs, Susan. 2017 FIC WIGGS
Marriage of a thousand lies Sindu, SJ, author. 2017 FIC SINDU
Meddling kids : a novel Cantero, Edgar, 1981- author. 2017 FIC CANTERO
Merry and bright : a novel Macomber, Debbie author. 2017 FIC MACOMBER
Mind game Johansen, Iris, author. 2017 FIC JOHANSEN
Miss Kopp's midnight confessions Stewart, Amy, author. 2017 FIC STEWART
Missing persons Brandman, Michael, author. 2017 MYS BRANDMAN
Modern gods : a novel Laird, Nick, 1975- author. 2017 FIC LAIRD
My absolute darling : a novel Tallent, Gabriel, author. 2017 FIC TALLENT
My heart hemmed in NDiaye, Marie, author. 2017 FIC NDIAYE
Need to know Michaels, Fern author. 2017 FIC MICHAELS
Noumenon Lostetter, Marina J, author. 2017 SF LOSTETTER
Null states Older, Malka, 1977- 2017 SF OLDER
Origin : a novel Brown, Dan, 1964- author. 2017 FIC BROWN
Proof of life : a J.P. Beaumont novel Jance, Judith A., author. 2017 MYS JANCE
Quiet until the thaw : a novel Fuller, Alexandra, 1969- author. 2017 FIC FULLER
Red Swan Deutermann, Peter T., 1941- author. 2017 FIC DEUTERMANN
Reincarnation blues Poore, Michael, author. 2017 FIC POORE
Robert B. Parker's the hangman's sonnet : a Jesse Stone novel Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author. 2017 MYS COLEMAN
Romeo and/or Juliet : a chooseable-path adventure North, Ryan, 1980- author. 2016 FIC NORTH
Savage country Olmstead, Robert, author. 2017 FIC OLMSTEAD
Sea of rust : a novel Cargill, C. Robert, 1975- author. 2017 FIC CARGILL
Secrets in death : an Eve Dallas novel Robb, J. D., 1950- author. 2017 MYS ROBB
See what I have done Schmidt, Sarah. 2017 FIC SCHMIDT
Seven days of us : a novel Hornak, Francesca, author. 2017 FIC HORNAK
Sing, unburied, sing : a novel Ward, Jesmyn, author. 2017 FIC WARD
Sleep like a baby Harris, Charlaine author. 2017 MYS HARRIS
Sleeping beauties : a novel King, Stephen, 1947- author. 2017 FIC KING
Sleeping in the ground Robinson, Peter, 1950- author. 2017 MYS ROBINSON
Snap judgment Clark, Marcia, author. 2017 FIC CLARK
Sourdough Sloan, Robin, 1979- author. 2017 FIC SLOAN
Stasi child Young, David, 1958- author. 2017 MYS YOUNG
Sulfur Springs Krueger, William Kent, author. 2017 FIC KRUEGER
Sundays in August Modiano, Patrick, 1945- author. 2017 MYS MODIANO
Texas fierce Dailey, Janet. 2017 FIC DAILEY
The Bedlam stacks Pulley, Natasha. 2017 FIC PULLEY
The Cuban affair : a novel DeMille, Nelson, author. 2017 FIC DEMILLE
The Essex Serpent : a novel Perry, Sarah, 1979- author. 2017 FIC PERRY
The Lauras Taylor, Sara, 1988- author. 2016 FIC TAYLOR
The Romanov ransom : a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure Cussler, Clive, author. 2017 FIC CUSSLER
The best kind of people : a novel Whittall, Zoe author. 2017 FIC WHITTALL
The blood card Griffiths, Elly, author. 2017 MYS GRIFFITHS
The burning girl : a novel Messud, Claire, 1966- author. 2017 FIC MESSUD
The captain's daughter : a novel Moore, Meg Mitchell, author. 2017 FIC MOORE
The child finder : a novel Denfeld, Rene, author. 2017 FIC DENFELD
The children return : a mystery of the French countryside Walker, Martin, 1947 January 23-, author. 2015 MYS WALKER
The city always wins Hamilton, Omar Robert, 1984- author. 2017 FIC HAMILTON
The color of fear Muller, Marcia, author. 2017 MYS MULLER
The daughters of Ireland Montefiore, Santa, 1970- author. 2017 FIC MONTEFIORE
The devouring : a Billy Boyle World War II mystery Benn, James R., author. 2017 MYS BENN
The driver : a novel Hanson, Hart, author. 2017 FIC HANSON
The end of the world running club Walker, Adrian J., author. 2017 FIC WALKER
The epiphany machine Gerrard, David Burr, author. 2017 FIC GERRARD
The girl who takes an eye for an eye Lagercrantz, David, author. 2017 FIC LAGERCRANTZ
The golden house : a novel Rushdie, Salman, author. 2017 FIC RUSHDIE
The good people Kent, Hannah, 1985- author. 2017 FIC KENT
The grip of it Jemc, Jac, 1983- author. 2017 FIC JEMC
The half-drowned king : a novel Hartsuyker, Linnea. 2017 FIC HARTSUYKER
The indigo girl : a novel Boyd, Natasha, author. 2017 FIC BOYD
The lamb will slaughter the lion Killjoy, Margaret, 1982- author. 2017 FIC KILLJOY
The last ballad Cash, Wiley, author. 2017 FIC CASH
The locals : a novel Dee, Jonathan, author. 2017 FIC DEE
The misfortune of Marion Palm : a novel Culliton, Emily, author. 2017 FIC CULLITON
The mountain : stories Yoon, Paul, author. 2017 FIC YOON
The ninth hour McDermott, Alice, author. 2017 FIC MCDERMOTT
The other girl Spindler, Erica, 1957- author. 2017 MYS SPINDLER
The proving Lewis, Beverly, 1949- author. 2017 FIC LEWIS
The punch escrow Klein, Tal M., author. 2017 SF KLEIN
The red-haired woman Pamuk, Orhan, 1952- author. 2017 FIC PAMUK
The right time : a novel Steel, Danielle, author. 2017 FIC STEEL
The room of white fire Parker, T. Jefferson, author. 2017 MYS PARKER
The rules of magic Hoffman, Alice, author. 2017 FIC HOFFMAN
The saboteur Gross, Andrew, 1952- author. 2017 FIC GROSS
The salt line Jones, Holly Goddard, author. 2017 FIC JONES
The scarred woman : A Department Q novel Adler-Olsen, Jussi, author. 2017 MYS ADLER-OLSEN
The stolen marriage Chamberlain, Diane, 1950- author. 2017 FIC CHAMBERLAIN
The stone sky Jemisin, N. K, author. 2017 SF JEMISIN
The summer that made us Carr, Robyn, author. 2017 FIC CARR
The tiger's prey : a novel of adventure Smith, Wilbur A., author. 2017 FIC SMITH
The tobacconist Seethaler, Robert, 1966- 2017 FIC SEETHALER
The unquiet grave : a novel McCrumb, Sharyn, 1948- author. 2017 FIC MCCRUMB
The visitors Burns, Catherine, 1968- author. 2017 FIC BURNS
The western star Johnson, Craig, 1961- author. 2017 MYS JOHNSON
The witches of New York : a novel McKay, Ami, 1968- author. 2017 FIC MCKAY
The witches' tree : an Agatha Raisin mystery Beaton, M. C., author. 2017 MYS BEATON
The witchwood crown Williams, Tad, author. 2017 SF WILLIAMS
The woman who couldn't scream Dodd, Christina, author. 2017 MYS DODD
The world of tomorrow Mathews, Brendan, author. 2017 FIC MATHEWS
Thief's mark Neggers, Carla, author. 2017 FIC NEGGERS
To be where you are Karon, Jan, 1937- author. 2017 FIC KARON
Tomorrow's kin Kress, Nancy, author. 2017 SF KRESS
Trace Mayor, Archer, author. 2017 MYS MAYOR
Turkey trot murder Meier, Leslie, author. 2017 MYS MEIER
Uncommon type : some stories Hanks, Tom, author. 2017 FIC HANKS
Unraveling Oliver : a novel Nugent, Liz, author. 2017 FIC NUGENT
Wagging through the snow Berenson, Laurien, author. 2017 MYS BERENSON
We were strangers once : a novel Carter, Betsy, 1945- author. 2017 FIC CARTER
Wicked deeds Graham, Heather, author. 2017 FIC GRAHAM
Winter solstice : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin, author. 2017 FIC HILDERBRAND
Without merit : a novel Hoover, Colleen, author. 2017 FIC HOOVER
Y is for yesterday Grafton, Sue, author. 2017 MYS GRAFTON
Yesterday Yap, Felicia, author. 2017 MYS YAP
Young Jane Young : a novel Zevin, Gabrielle, author. 2017 FIC ZEVIN