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Title Author Pub date Call Number
4 3 2 1 : a novel Auster, Paul, 1947- author. 2017 FIC AUSTER
A book of American martyrs Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author. 2017 FIC OATES
A closed and common orbit Chambers, Becky author. 2017 FIC CHAMBERS
A conjuring of light : a novel Schwab, Victoria, author. 2017 FIC SCHWAB
A darkness absolute : a novel Armstrong, Kelley, author. 2017 FIC ARMSTRONG
A piece of the world : a novel Kline, Christina Baker, 1964- author. 2017 FIC KLINE
A separation : a novel Kitamura, Katie M, author. 2017 FIC KITAMURA
After the crown Wagers, K. B, author. 2016 FIC WAGERS
All grown up Attenberg, Jami, author. 2017 FIC ATTENBERG
All our wrong todays : a novel Mastai, Elan, author. 2017 SF MASTAI
Always : a novel Jio, Sarah, author. 2017 FIC JIO
Amberlough Donnelly, Lara Elena, 1990- author. 2017 FIC DONNELLY
Autumn : a novel Smith, Ali, 1962- author. 2017 FIC SMITH
Banana cream pie murder Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author. 2017 MYS FLUKE
Before the war Weldon, Fay, author. 2017 FIC WELDON
Behind her eyes : a novel Pinborough, Sarah, 1972- author. 2017 MYS PINBOROUGH
Behind the throne Wagers, K. B, author. 2016 FIC WAGERS
Blue light Yokohama Obregón, Nicholás, author. 2017 MYS OBREGON
Bone box Kellerman, Faye, author. 2017 MYS KELLERMAN
Borderline Baker, Mishell, author. 2016 FIC BAKER
Born of vengeance : the league nemesis rising Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- author. 2017 FIC KENYON
Broken glass Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.), author. 2017 FIC ANDREWS
Burning bright Petrie, Nicholas, author. 2017 FIC PETRIE
Catalina eddy : a novel in three decades Pyne, Daniel, author. 2017 FIC PYNE
Chasing shadows : visions of our coming transparent world 2017 SF CHASING
Class : a novel Rosenfeld, Lucinda, author. 2017 FIC ROSENFELD
Dangerous games : a novel Steel, Danielle, author. 2017 FIC STEEL
Days without end : a novel Barry, Sebastian, 1955- author. 2016 FIC BARRY
Dead letters : a novel Dolan-Leach, Caite, author. 2017 FIC DOLAN-LEACH
Death of a ghost Beaton, M. C., author. 2017 MYS BEATON
Desperation Road : a novel Smith, Michael F. (Michael Farris), 1970- author. 2017 FIC SMITH
Devil in spring Kleypas, Lisa, author. 2017 FIC KLEYPAS
Don't turn out the lights Minier, Bernard, author. 2016 MYS MINIER
Echoes in death Robb, J. D., 1950- author. 2017 MYS ROBB
Eggshells : a novel Lally, Caitriona, author. 2017 FIC LALLY
Eleventh grave in moonlight Jones, Darynda, author. 2017 FIC JONES
Etched in bone : a novel of the others Bishop, Anne, author. 2017 FIC BISHOP
Every wild heart : a novel Donohue, Meg. 2017 FIC DONOHUE
Exit west : a novel Hamid, Mohsin, 1971- author. 2017 FIC HAMID
Frontier Canxue, 1953- author. 2017 FIC CANXUE
Garden of lamentations : a novel Crombie, Deborah, author. 2016 MYS CROMBIE
Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen Bujold, Lois McMaster, author. 2015 FIC BUJOLD
Gilded cage James, Vic, author. 2017 FIC JAMES
Gunmetal gray Greaney, Mark, author. 2017 FIC GREANEY
Heartbreak Hotel Kellerman, Jonathan, author. 2017 MYS KELLERMAN
Hey Harry, hey Matilda : a novel Hulin, Rachel, author. 2017 FIC HULIN
History of wolves : a novel Fridlund, Emily, author. 2017 FIC FRIDLUND
Home sweet home : a novel Smith, April, 1949- author. 2017 FIC SMITH
Homesick for another world : stories Moshfegh, Ottessa. 2016 FIC MOSHFEGH
Human acts : a novel Han, Kang, 1970- author. 2016 FIC HAN
Humans, bow down Patterson, James, 1947- author. 2016 FIC PATTERSON
I liked my life Fabiaschi, Abby, author. 2017 FIC FABIASCHI
I see you Mackintosh, Clare, author. 2017 MYS MACKINTOSH
Ill will : a novel Chaon, Dan, author. 2017 FIC CHAON
In Farleigh Field : a novel Bowen, Rhys, author. 2017 MYS BOWEN
In the light of the garden : a novel Burch, Heather. 2017 FIC BURCH
In the name of the family : a novel Dunant, Sarah, author. 2017 FIC DUNANT
In this grave hour Winspear, Jacqueline, 1955- author. 2017 MYS WINSPEAR
Inheriting Edith : a novel Fishman, Zoe, author. 2016 FIC FISHMAN
Island of the mad : a novel Sheck, Laurie, author. 2017 FIC SHECK
Kings of the wyld Eames, Nicholas, author. 2017 FIC EAMES
Lincoln in the bardo : a novel Saunders, George, 1958- author. 2017 FIC SAUNDERS
Little deaths : a novel Flint, Emma, author. 2017 FIC FLINT
Martians abroad Vaughn, Carrie, author. 2017 SF VAUGHN
Miss Treadway and the field of stars : a novel Emmerson, Miranda, author. 2017 FIC EMMERSON
Money for nothing Wodehouse, P. G. (Pelham Grenville), 1881-1975. 2007 FIC WODEHOUSE
Monsters in Appalachia : a collection of stories Monks, Sheryl, 1967- author. 2016 FIC MONKS
Most dangerous place Grippando, James, 1958- author. 2017 FIC GRIPPANDO
Mrs Pargeter's public relations : a Mrs Pargeter mystery Brett, Simon, author. 2017 MYS BRETT
My husband's wife Corry, Jane, author. 2017 FIC CORRY
My not so perfect life : a novel Kinsella, Sophie author. 2017 FIC KINSELLA
NK3 Tolkin, Michael, author. 2017 FIC TOLKIN
New York 2140 Robinson, Kim Stanley, author. 2017 SF ROBINSON
Nine folds make a paper swan Gilligan, Ruth, author. 2017 FIC GILLIGAN
No man's land : a novel Tolkien, Simon, 1959- author. 2017 FIC TOLKIEN
On Turpentine Lane Lipman, Elinor, author. 2017 FIC LIPMAN
Pachinko Lee, Min Jin, author. 2017 FIC LEE
Pekoe most poison Childs, Laura, author. 2017 MYS CHILDS
Perfect little world Wilson, Kevin, 1978- author. 2017 FIC WILSON
Piano tide : a novel Moore, Kathleen Dean, author. 2016 FIC MOORE
Power game Feehan, Christine, author. 2017 FIC FEEHAN
Quicksand Persson Giolito, Malin, 1969- author. 2017 FIC PERSSON GIOLITO
Racing the devil : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery Todd, Charles, author. 2017 MYS TODD
Rather be the devil : a novel Rankin, Ian, author. 2017 MYS RANKIN
Revelation : a thriller Wilson, Carter (Novelist), author. 2016 FIC WILSON
Revenger Reynolds, Alastair, 1966- author. 2017 SF REYNOLDS
Right behind you : a novel Gardner, Lisa, author. 2017 MYS GARDNER
Ring of fire Taylor, Brad, 1965- author. 2017 FIC TAYLOR
Robert B. Parker's Revelation Knott, Robert, 1954- author. 2017 FIC KNOTT
Rush of blood Billingham, Mark, author. 2017 FIC BILLINGHAM
Say nothing : a novel Parks, Brad, 1974- author. 2017 FIC PARKS
Selection day : a novel Adiga, Aravind, author. 2017 FIC ADIGA
Setting free the kites George, Alex, 1970- author. 2017 FIC GEORGE
Shadowbahn Erickson, Steve, author. 2017 FIC ERICKSON
Shining city Rosenstiel, Tom, author. 2017 FIC ROSENSTIEL
Show me a mountain Young, Kerry, 1955- author. 2016 FIC YOUNG
Silence : a novel Endō, Shūsaku, 1923-1996, author. 2017 FIC ENDO
Silence fallen Briggs, Patricia, author. 2017 FIC BRIGGS
Six four Yokoyama, Hideo, 1957- author. 2017 MYS YOKOYAMA
Six wakes Lafferty, Mur, author. 2017 SF LAFFERTY
Skeleton God Pattison, Eliot, author. 2017 MYS PATTISON
Snowblind Ragnar Jónasson, 1976- author. 2017 MYS RAGNAR JONASSON
Spaceman of Bohemia Kalfar, Jaroslav, author. 2017 SF KALFAR
Sunday kind of love Garlock, Dorothy, author. 2016 FIC GARLOCK
Swimming lessons Fuller, Claire, author. 2017 FIC FULLER
The 12.30 from Croydon Crofts, Freeman Wills, 1879-1957. 2016 MYS CROFTS
The Chilbury Ladies' Choir : a novel Ryan, Jennifer. 2017 FIC RYAN
The Jekyll revelation Masello, Robert, 1952- author. 2016 FIC MASELLO
The Moravian night : a story Handke, Peter. 2016 FIC HANDKE
The afterlife of stars Kertes, Joseph, 1951- author. 2017 FIC KERTES
The art of confidence Lee, Wendy, 1976- author. 2016 FIC LEE
The believer : a novel Zander, Joakim, author. 2017 FIC ZANDER
The book of Etta Elison, Meg, author. 2017 FIC ELISON
The book of Polly : a novel Hepinstall, Kathy, author. 2017 FIC HEPINSTALL
The circle Minier, Bernard. 2015 MYS MINIER
The clay girl : Tucker, Heather, 1954- author 2016 FIC TUCKER
The comet seekers : a novel Sedgwick, Helen, 1978- author. 2016 FIC SEDGWICK
The cutthroat Cussler, Clive, author. 2017 FIC CUSSLER
The dark flood rises Drabble, Margaret, 1939- author. 2017 FIC DRABBLE
The devil crept in : a novel Ahlborn, Ania, author. 2017 FIC AHLBORN
The devil's triangle Coulter, Catherine, author. 2017 FIC COULTER
The dime Kent, Kathleen, 1953- author. 2017 MYS KENT
The dry Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth), author. 2017 MYS HARPER
The evening road Hunt, Laird, author. 2017 FIC HUNT
The fifth letter Moriarty, Nicola, author. 2017 FIC MORIARTY
The fifth petal : a novel Barry, Brunonia, author. 2017 FIC BARRY
The first book of Calamity Leek Lichtarowicz, Paula, author. 2016 FIC LICHTAROWICZ
The fortress at the end of time McDermott, J. M., 1979- author. 2017 SF MCDERMOTT
The frozen dead Minier, Bernard. 2014 MYS MINIER
The girl before : a novel Delaney, J P, author. 2017 FIC DELANEY
The girl from Rawblood : a novel Ward, Catriona, author. 2017 FIC WARD
The gringo champion Xilonen, Aura, 1995- author. 2017 FIC XILONEN
The guests on South Battery White, Karen (Karen S.), author. 2017 FIC WHITE
The hearts of men : a novel Butler, Nickolas, author. 2017 FIC BUTLER
The ice beneath her : a novel Grebe, Camilla, author. 2016 MYS GREBE
The idiot Batuman, Elif, 1977- author. 2017 FIC BATUMAN
The invitation : a novel Foley, Lucy, author. 2016 FIC FOLEY
The lonely hearts hotel : a novel O'Neill, Heather, author. 2017 FIC O'NEILL
The lost book of the Grail, or, A visitor's guide to Barchester Cathedral Lovett, Charles C., author. 2017 FIC LOVETT
The man who never stopped sleeping Appelfeld, Aharon, author. 2017 FIC APPELFELD
The man who wanted to know everything : a novel Mishani, Dror, author. 2016 MYS MISHANI
The mercy of the tide : a novel Rosson, Keith author. 2017 FIC ROSSON
The midnight cool : a novel Peelle, Lydia, author. 2017 FIC PEELLE
The mother's promise Hepworth, Sally, author. 2017 FIC HEPWORTH
The night bird Freeman, Brian, 1963- author. 2017 MYS FREEMAN
The night ocean LaFarge, Paul, author. 2017 FIC LAFARGE
The one inside Shepard, Sam, 1943- author. 2017 FIC SHEPARD
The ornatrix Howard, Kate, author. 2016 FIC HOWARD
The patriots Krasikov, Sana, 1979- author. 2017 FIC KRASIKOV
The prisoner Berenson, Alex, author. 2017 FIC BERENSON
The refugees Nguyen, Viet Thanh, 1971- author. 2017 FIC NGUYEN
The river at night Ferencik, Erica, author. 2017 FIC FERENCIK
The road to enchantment McLaren, Kaya, author. 2017 FIC MCLAREN
The second Mrs. Hockaday : a novel Rivers, Susan, 1954- author. 2017 FIC RIVERS
The shimmering road Young, Hester, author. 2017 FIC YOUNG
The signal flame : a novel Krivak, Andrew, author. 2017 FIC KRIVAK
The song rising Shannon, Samantha, 1991- author. 2017 FIC SHANNON
The swan book : a novel Wright, Alexis, 1950- author. 2016 FIC WRIGHT
The turn : the hollows begins with death Harrison, Kim, 1966- author. 2017 FIC HARRISON
The twilight wife Banner, A. J., author. 2016 FIC BANNER
The undesired Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, author. 2017 MYS YRSA SIGURDARDOTTIR
The violated : a novel Pronzini, Bill author. 2017 MYS PRONZINI
The wanderers Howrey, Meg, author. 2017 SF HOWREY
The wicked city Williams, Beatriz, author. 2017 FIC WILLIAMS
The widow's house Goodman, Carol author. 2017 FIC GOODMAN
The woman next door : a novel Omotoso, Yewande, author. 2017 FIC OMOTOSO
The woman on the stairs : a novel Schlink, Bernhard, author. 2017 FIC SCHLINK
They are trying to break your heart Savill, David (Novelist), author. 2016 FIC SAVILL
Things from the flood Stꡬenhag, Simon, author, illustrator. 2016 SF STALENHAG
This is how it always is Frankel, Laurie, author. 2017 FIC FRANKEL
Three years with the rat : a novel Hosking, Jay, author. 2017 FIC HOSKING
Transit Cusk, Rachel, 1967- author. 2017 FIC CUSK
Treasured grace Peterson, Tracie, author. 2017 FIC PETERSON
Two days gone : a novel Silvis, Randall, 1950- author. 2017 MYS SILVIS
Universal harvester Darnielle, John, author. 2017 FIC DARNIELLE
Unpunished Black, Lisa, 1963- author. 2017 MYS BLACK
Wait for dark Hooper, Kay, author. 2017 FIC HOOPER
We were the lucky ones Hunter, Georgia, 1978- author. 2017 FIC HUNTER
What you break Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author. 2017 MYS COLEMAN
Whatever happened to interracial love? : stories Collins, Kathleen, 1941-1988, author. 2016 FIC COLLINS
White tears Kunzru, Hari, 1969- author. 2017 FIC KUNZRU