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100 amazing facts about the Negro Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., author. 2017 973.049 GAT
350+ crochet tips, techniques, and trade secrets Eaton, Jan, author. 2017 746.434 EAT
350+ knitting tips, techniques, and trade secrets Barnden, Betty, 1948- author. 2017 746.432 BAR
A disappearance in Damascus : friendship and survival in the shadow of war Campbell, Deborah, 1970- author 2017 956.704 CAM
American radical : inside the world of an undercover Muslim FBI agent Elnoury, Tamer, author. 2017 92 ELNOURY
American wolf : a true story of survival and obsession in the West Blakeslee, Nate, 1970- 2017 599.773 BLA
An American family : a memoir of hope and sacrifice Khan, Khizr, author. 2017 92 KHAN
Andrew Jackson and the miracle of New Orleans : the battle that shaped America's destiny Kilmeade, Brian, author. 2017 973.523 KIL
Anxious for nothing : finding calm in a chaotic world Lucado, Max, author. 2017 248.86 LUC
Are we screwed? : how a new generation is fighting to survive climate change Dembicki, Geoff. author. 2017 363.738 DEM
Blood brothers : the story of the strange friendship between Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Stillman, Deanne, author. 2017 920 STI
Bones : brothers, horses, cartels, and the borderland dream Tone, Joe, author. 2017 364.177 TON
Bunk : the rise of hoaxes, humbug, plagiarists, phonies, post-facts, and fake news Young, Kevin A. 177.3 YOU
Chief engineer : Washington Roebling: the man who built the Brooklyn Bridge Wagner, Erica, 1967- author. 2017 92 ROEBLING
Coming to my senses : the making of a counterculture cook Waters, Alice, author. 2017 92 WATERS
Dare not linger : the presidential years Mandela, Nelson, 1918-2013, author. 2017 92 MANDELA
Endurance : a year in space, a lifetime of discovery Kelly, Scott, 1964- author. 2017 92 KELLY
Fantasyland : how America went haywire : a 500-year history Andersen, Kurt, 1954- author. 2017 973 AND
From here to eternity : traveling the world to find the good death Doughty, Caitlin, author. 2017 393.1 DOU
Grant Chernow, Ron, author. 2017 92 GRANT
Homegrown pantry : a gardener's guide to selecting the best varieties & planting the perfect amounts for what you want to eat year-round Pleasant, Barbara, author. 2017 635 PLE
I can't breathe : a killing on Bay Street Taibbi, Matt, author. 2017 364.152 TAI
Inferior : how science got women wrong - and the new research that's rewriting the story Saini, Angela, 1980- author. 2017 305.4 SAI
Inventing Santa Claus : the mystery of who really wrote the most celebrated Yuletide poem of all-time "The Night Before Christmas" DeVito, Carlo, author. 2017 811.2 DEV
Invisible no more : police violence against black women and women of color Ritchie, Andrea J, author. 2017 363.232 RIT
J.K. Lasser's your income tax 1955 336.24 LAS 2018
Killing England : the brutal struggle for American independence O'Reilly, Bill, author. 2017 973.3 ORE
Leonardo da Vinci Isaacson, Walter, author. 2017 92 LEONARDO
Little soldiers : an American boy, a Chinese school, and the global race to achieve Chu, Lenora, author. 2017 370.951 CHU
Logical family : a memoir Maupin, Armistead, author. 2017 92 MAUPIN
Reset : my fight for inclusion and lasting change Pao, Ellen K., author. 2017 331.413 PAO
Sapiens : a brief history of humankind Harari, Yuval N. 2015 909 HAR
Second nature : the legacy of Ric Flair and the rise of Charlotte Flair, Ric, 1949- author. 2017 92 FLAIR
Sisters first : stories from our wild and wonderful life Bush, Jenna, author. 2017 92 BUSH
Smitten kitchen every day : triumphant and unfussy new favorites Perelman, Deb, author. 2017 641.5 PER
Soonish : emerging technologies that'll improve and/or ruin everything Weinersmith, Kelly, author. 2017 601.12 WEI
Stress-proof : the scientific solution to protect your brain and body--and be more resilient every day Storoni, Mithu, author. 2017 155.904 STO
Thanks, Obama : my hopey changey White House years Litt, David, 1986- author. 2017 973.932 LIT
The Adirondack architecture guide : southern-central region Null, Janet A., author. 2017 720.974 NUL
The big lie : exposing the Nazi roots of the American left D'Souza, Dinesh, 1961- author. 2017 320.01 DSO
The dangerous case of Donald Trump : 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts assess a president 2017 973.933 DAN
The end of Alzheimer's : the first program to prevent and reverse cognitive decline Bredesen, Dale E, author. 2017 616.831 BRE
The far away brothers : two young migrants and the making of an American life Markham, Lauren, author. 2017 305.868 MAR
The four : the hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Galloway, Scott (Professor of marketing), author. 2017 338.476 GAL
The four tendencies : the indispensable personality profiles that reveal how to make your life better (and other people's lives better, too) Rubin, Gretchen, author. 2017 155.264 RUB
The future is history : how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia Gessen, Masha, author. 2017 947.086 GES
The longevity plan : seven life-transforming lessons from ancient China Day, John D. 2017 618.97 DAY
The plant paradox : the hidden dangers in "healthy" foods that cause disease and weight gain Gundry, Steven R., author. 2017 582.13 GUN
The river of consciousness Sacks, Oliver, 1933-2015. 2017 612.823 SAC
The spectrum of hope : an optimistic and new approach to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias Devi, Gayatri, author. 2017 616.83 DEV
The state of affairs : rethinking infidelity Perel, Esther, author. 2017 306.736 PER
The story of the Jews. volume two, belonging 1492-1900 Schama, Simon, author. 2015 909.049 SCH
The sun and her flowers Kaur, Rupi, author. 2017 811.6 KAU
Unqualified : love and relationship advice from a celebrity who just wants to help Faris, Anna, 1976- author. 2017 92 FARIS
Unstoppable : my life so far Sharapova, Maria, 1987- author. 2017 92 SHARAPOVA
Victoria & Abdul : the true story of the queen's closest confidant Basu, Shrabani, author. 2017 941.081 BAS
Waiting for the punch : words to live by from the WTF podcast Maron, Marc, author. 2017 792.7 MAR
Walking with Peety : the dog who saved my life O'Grey, Eric, author. 2017 92 O'GREY
We're going to need more wine : stories that are funny, complicated, and true Union, Gabrielle, author. 2017 92 UNION
Zapped : from infrared to X-rays, the curious history of invisible light Berman, Bob, author. 2017 535 BER