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50+ fandom programs : planning festivals and events for tweens, teens, and adults Alessio, Amy J., author. 2017 J 027.609 ALE
Abraham Lincoln : President Smith, Adam I. P., author. 2017 J BIO LIN
Acka backa boo! : playground games from around the world Dunn, Opal. 2000 J 796 DUN
Ancient Egypt Cottrell, George , author. 2017 J 932 COT
Ancient Rome Cottrell, George, author. 2017 J 937 COT
Are aliens real? Summers, Portia, author. 2017 J 001.942 SUM
Buffalo Bill Cody Lusted, Marcia Amidon, author. 2016 J 978.02 LUS
Canada's 150th birthday Middleton, Kathy, author. 2017 J 971 MID
Cats Simon, Seymour. 2004 J 599.75 SIM
Central American immigrants Martinez, Luis, author. 2017 J 304.8 MAR
Citizens' rights Mara, Wil, author. 2017 J 323.097 MAR
Citizenship and immigration Lansford, Tom, author. 2017 J 325.1 LAN
Classic american cars : the history, origins, and greats Morgan, Charlie, author. 2016 J 629.222 MOR
Climate change : a threat to all life on earth Cunningham, Anne C., author. 2016 J 363.738 CUN
Coretta Scott King and the Center for Nonviolent Social Change Stanmyre, Jackie F., author. 2017 J 323.092 STA
Dazzle ships : World War I and the art of confusion Barton, Chris, author. 2017 J 940.459 BAR
Dogs Simon, Seymour. 2004 J 636.7 SIM
Ducks don't get wet Goldin, Augusta R. 1999 J 598.4 GOL
Europe Rauf, Don, author. 2017 J 306.094 RAU
Explore with Francisco Vazquez de Coronado Cooke, Tim, 1961- author. 2016 J 910.92 COO
Exploring the life, myth, and art of the Celtic world Fleming, Fergus, 1959- author. 2017 J 940.049 FLE
Fanny in France Waters, Alice, author. 2016 J 641.594 WAT
Feel the beat : dance poems that zing from salsa to swing Singer, Marilyn, author. 2017 J 811.54 SIN
Find the constellations Rey, H. A. (Hans Augusto), 1898-1977, author. 2016 J 523.8 REY
Freedom of religion Hoover, Stephanie, author. 2017 J 323.442 HOO
From tadpole to frog Pfeffer, Wendy, 1929- 1994 J 597.8 PFE
Game on! : video game history from Pong and Pac-man to Mario, Minecraft, and more Hansen, Dustin, author. 2016 J 794.8 HAN
Genghis Khan and the building of the Mongol Empire Lüsted, Marcia Amidon, author. 2017 J 950.21 LUS
George Washington didn't have wooden teeth : exposing myths about the founding fathers Nagelhout, Ryan, author. 2017 J 973.309 NAG
Ghost ship : the pharaoh's buried vessel Owen, Ruth, 1967- author. 2017 J 932.012 OWE
Gross facts about pirates Vonne, Mira, author. 2017 J 910.45 VON
Guy stuff : the body book for boys Natterson, Cara Familian, 1970- author. 2017 J 613.042 NAT
Harlem Hellfighters Moore, Shannon Baker, author. 2016 J 940.412 MOO
Harry Potter : a journey through a history of magic. 2017 J 813.914 HAR
Hello world : a celebration of language and curiosities Litton, Jonathan, author. 2016 J 401 LIT
Holocaust rescue and liberation Blohm, Craig E., 1948- author. 2016 J 940.531 BLO
How could we harness a hurricane? Cobb, Vicki, author. 2017 J 551.552 COB
Human rights Finucane, Brendan, author. 2017 J 323 FIN
If sharks disappeared Williams, Lily. 2017 J 597.3 WIL
John Cabot : explorer of the North American mainland Hatchett, Keisha. 2007 J 910.92 HAT
Josef Mengele Klar, Jeremy, author. 2016 J BIO MEN
Make it yourself! : comics & graphic novels Schneider, Christa, author. 2018 J 741.5 SCH
Make it yourself! : paper pop-up art Chenevert, Pam, author. 2018 J 745.54 CHE
Martina & Chrissie : the greatest rivalry in the history of sports Bildner, Phil, author. 2017 J 796.342 BIL
More of Janice VanCleave's wild, wacky, and weird biology experiments VanCleave, Janice Pratt, author. 2017 J 570.78 VAN
My big girl potty Cole, Joanna. 2000 J 649.62 COL
My first coding book Prottsman, Kiki, author. 2017 J 005.13 PRO
Native American wars on the Western frontier,1866 -1890 Galliker, Leslie, 1943- author. 2016 J 976.304 GAL
Plague! : epidemics and scourges through the ages Farndon, John, author. 2017 J 616.009 FAR
Runny Babbit returns Silverstein, Shel, author. 2017 J 811.54 SIL
Science fair projects about planet Earth Gardner, Robert, 1929- author. 2017 J 550.78 GAR
Seek and find : national parks Lienard, Maud, 1991- illustrator. 2016 J 793.73 LIE
Sergeant Reckless : the true story of the little horse who became a hero McCormick, Patricia, 1956- author. 2017 J 951.904 MCC
Shell, beak, tusk : shared traits and the wonders of adaptation Heos, Bridget, author. 2017 J 576.8 HEO
Technology during the Revolutionary War Kukla, Lauren, author. 2017 J 973.3 KUK
The Battle of Antietam Streissguth, Thomas, 1958- author. 2017 J 973.733 STR
The Declaration of Independence Manger, Katherine, author. 2017 J 973.313 MAN
The Hindenburg in flames : how a photograph marked the end of the airship Burgan, Michael, author. 2017 J 363.124 BUR
The Louisiana Purchase Clinton, Greg, author. 2016 J 973.46 CLI
The Monroe Doctrine : the birth of American foreign policy Hamilton, Robert M., 1987- 2016 J 327.73 HAM
The Renaissance George, Enzo, author. 2017 J 940.21 GEO
The Rwandan genocide Lowery, Zoe, author. 2017 J 967.571 LOW
The Whydah : a pirate ship feared, wrecked, and found Sandler, Martin W., author. 2017 J 910.45 SAN
The art of Minnie Mouse. 2016 J 704.979 ART
The city in medieval Europe Watson, Danielle, 1978- author. 2017 J 940.1 WAT
The good fight : the feuds of the founding fathers (and how they shaped the nation) Quirk, Anne, author. 2017 J 973.309 QUI
The horrors of Auschwitz Lombardo, Jennifer, author. 2017 J 940.531 LOM
The monotheistic faiths : Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Aman, Israa, author. 2017 J 201.4 AMA
The origins of civilization : from early humans to the Babylonians Anderson, Zachary, author. 2016 J 930.1 AND
The right to petition Mason, Jenny (Children's author), author. 2017 J 323.48 MAS
The school of art Triggs, Teal, author. 2015 J 700 TRI
The school of music Bowen, Meurig, author. 2017 J 780.9 BOW
The technology of the Aztecs McCullough, Naomi V., author. 2017 J 972.01 MCC
Thurgood Marshall : the first African-American Supreme Court justice Rohan, Rebecca. 2017 J 347.732 ROH
Tide pool secrets : a lift-the-flap book Oliver, Narelle, 1960- author. 2017 J 577.699 OLI
Trade, economic life, and globalization Perritano, John, author. 2017 J 382.71 PER
Trickiest! : 19 sneaky animals Jenkins, Steve, 1952- author. 2017 J 591.47 JEN
Uncovering the Jamestown Colony McAneney, Caitie, author. 2017 J 975.542 MCA
Views on slavery : in the words of enslaved Africans, merchants, owners, and abolitionists Cloud Tapper, Suzanne, author. 2017 J 306.362 TAP
Water Arlon, Penelope. 2006 J 553.7 WAT
What caused World War II Hardyman, Robyn, author. 2017 J 940.54 HAR
What is citizenship? Pegis, Jessica (Jessica M.), author. 2017 J 323.6 PEG
What was the March on Washington? Krull, Kathleen. 2013 J 323.119 KRU
World War I close up Powley, Adam, author. 2016 J 940.4 POW
Your guide to medieval society Stuckey, Rachel, author. 2017 J 940.1 STU