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Title Author Pub date Call Number
16th seduction Patterson, James, 1947- author. 2017 FIC PATTERSON
A blessing & a curse Billingsley, ReShonda Tate. 2016 FIC BILLINGSLEY
A cold case : a Maurice Mundy mystery Turnbull, Peter, 1950- author. 2017 MYS TURNBULL
A line made by walking Baume, Sara, author. 2017 FIC BAUME
A single spy Christie, William, 1960- author. 2017 FIC CHRISTIE
A welcome murder Yocum, Robin, author. 2017 MYS YOCUM
All grown up Attenberg, Jami, author. 2017 FIC ATTENBERG
All the rivers : a novel Rabinyan, Dorit, author. 2017 FIC RABINYAN
American war : El Akkad, Omar, 1982- author. 2017
An extraordinary union Cole, Alyssa, author. 2017 FIC COLE
And then there was me : a novel of friendship, secrets and lies Johnson, Sadeqa, author. 2017 FIC JOHNSON
Any day now Carr, Robyn, author. 2017 FIC CARR
Anything is possible Strout, Elizabeth, author. 2017
Ararat Golden, Christopher, author. 2017 FIC GOLDEN
Bad seeds Mackenzie, Jassy, author 2017 MYS MACKENZIE
Beartown : a novel Backman, Fredrik, 1981- author. 2017 FIC BACKMAN
Borne : a novel VanderMeer, Jeff, author. 2017
Burntown : a novel McMahon, Jennifer, 1968- author. 2017 FIC MCMAHON
Cat Got Your Cash Chase, Julie MYS CHASE
Celestial mechanics : a tale for a mid-winter night Heat-Moon, William Least, author. 2017 FIC HEAT-MOON
Change agent : a novel Suarez, Daniel, 1964- author. 2017 SCI FI SUAREZ
Cold earth Cleeves, Ann, author. 2017 MYS CLEEVES
Crime song Swinson, David, author. 2017
Date with death Chapman, Julia, author. 2017 MYS CHAPMAN
Deep extraction Mills, DiAnn, author. 2017 FIC MILLS
Every body on deck McKevett, G. A, author. 2017 MYS MCKEVETT
Every night I dream of hell Mackay, Malcolm, 1982- author. 2017 MYS MACKAY
Falling darkness Harper, Karen (Karen S.), author. 2017 FIC HARPER
Fallout Paretsky, Sara, author. 2017 MYS PARETSKY
Feast of sorrow : a novel of Ancient Rome King, Crystal, author. 2017 FIC KING
Finding Gideon Dickey, Eric Jerome, author. 2017 FIC DICKEY
Golden prey Sandford, John, 1944 February 23- author. 2017 FIC SANDFORD
Gone without a trace Torjussen, Mary, author. 2017 FIC TORJUSSEN
Heat Storm Castle, Richard, author. 2017 MYS CASTLE
High stakes Michaels, Fern author. 2017 FIC MICHAELS
I found you : a novel Jewell, Lisa, author. 2017 FIC JEWELL
I'd die for you : and other lost stories Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940, author. 2017
If we were villains Rio, M. L., author. 2017 FIC RIO
Into the water : a novel Hawkins, Paula, author. 2017
Kale to the Queen : a Kensington Palace chef mystery Hampton, Nell (Mystery author), author. 2017 MYS HAMPTON
Less than a treason Stabenow, Dana, author. 2017 MYS STABENOW
Lies that bind : an Alex Duggins mystery Cameron, Stella, author. 2017
Lost souls Armstrong, Kelley, author. 2017 FIC ARMSTRONG
Marathon Freeman, Brian, 1963- author. 2017
Marlena : a novel Buntin, Julie, author. 2017
Marshall's law Sanders, Ben, 1989- author. 2017 FIC SANDERS
Miss Burma Craig, Charmaine, author. 2017 FIC CRAIG
My last lament Brown, James William, 1942- author. 2017 FIC BROWN
No easy target Johansen, Iris, author. 2017 FIC JOHANSEN
Oath of honor : a thriller Betley, Matthew, author. 2017 FIC BETLEY
Often I am happy : a novel Grøndahl, Jens Christian, 1959- author, translator. 2017 FIC GRONDAHL
Ominous Jackson, Lisa, author. 2017
Once in a Blue Moon Lodge : a novel Landvik, Lorna, 1954- author. 2017 FIC LANDVIK
One good thing Wax, Wendy, author. 2017 FIC WAX
Pale guardian Hambly, Barbara, author. 2017
Pawn Zahn, Timothy
Proving Ground Blauner, Peter
Purr M for murder LoTempio, T. C., author. 2017 MYS LOTEMPIO
Red sister Lawrence, Mark, 1966- author. 2017 SCI FI LAWRENCE
Round midnight McBride, Laura, author. 2016
Salt houses Alyan, Hala, 1986- author. 2017 FIC ALYAN
Skitter : a novel Boone, Ezekiel, author. 2017 FIC BOONE
Skullsworn Staveley, Brian
Startup : a novel Shafrir, Doree, author. 2017 FIC SHAFRIR
The Boy on the Bridge Carey, M. R.
The Dead House Bingham, Harry MYS BINGHAM
The Dragon's Legacy Wolf, Deborah A. (Novelist) 2017 SCI FI WOLF
The F Word Palmer, Liza
The Four Legendary Kingdoms Reilly, Matthew
The Girl Who Was Taken Donlea, Charlie
The Language of Solitude Sendker, Jan-Philipp
The Standard Grand Nicorvo, Jay Baron, author. 2017 FIC NICORVO
The Watcher Armstrong, Ross
The accusation Pandi, 1950- author. 2017 FIC BANDI
The astonishing mistakes of Dahlia Moss Wirestone, Max, author. 2017 MYS WIRESTONE
The book of Joan : a novel Yuknavitch, Lidia, author. 2017 FIC YUKNAVITCH
The broken road Evans, Richard Paul, author. 2017
The chosen : a novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Ward, J. R., 1969- author. 2017 FIC WARD
The chosen maiden Stachniak, Eva, 1952- author. 2017 FIC STACHNIAK
The darkness of evil Jacobson, Alan, 1961- author. 2017 FIC JACOBSON
The delight of being ordinary : a road trip with the Pope and the Dalai Lama Merullo, Roland, author. 2017 FIC MERULLO
The dinner party and other stories Ferris, Joshua, author. 2017 FIC FERRIS
The fallen : a testament novel Lustbader, Eric, author. 2017
The forbidden garden Herrick, Ellen, author. 2017 FIC HERRICK
The forever summer Brenner, Jamie, 1971- author. 2017 FIC BRENNER
The general's women : a novel Albert, Susan Wittig, author. 2017 FIC ALBERT
The graves : a novel Wechsler, Pamela, author. 2017
The idiot Batuman, Elif, 1977- author. 2017 FIC BATUMAN
The illusionist's apprentice Cambron, Kristy, author. 2017 FIC CAMBRON
The last Neanderthal : a novel Cameron, Claire, 1973- author. 2017 FIC CAMERON
The last days of Café Leila Bijan, Donia, author. 2017 FIC BIJAN
The lilac bouquet Brown, Carolyn, 1948- author. 2017 FIC BROWN
The loving husband Kent, Christobel, author. 2017 FIC KENT
The maids Tanizaki, Jun'ichirō, 1886-1965, author. 2017
The night she won Miss America Callahan, Michael, 1963- author. 2017 FIC CALLAHAN
The night the lights went out White, Karen (Karen S.), author. 2017 FIC WHITE
The promise girls Bostwick, Marie, author. 2017 FIC BOSTWICK
The red hunter Unger, Lisa, 1970- author. 2017 FIC UNGER
The strange death of Fiona Griffiths Bingham, Harry. 2015 MYS BINGHAM
The thing about love James, Julie, 1974-, author. 2017 FIC JAMES
The widow of Wall Street : a novel Meyers, Randy Susan, author. 2017 FIC MEYERS
The witchfinder's sister Underdown, Beth, author. 2017 FIC UNDERDOWN
The women in the castle : a novel Shattuck, Jessica, author. 2017 FIC SHATTUCK
Ties Starnone, Domenico, 1943- author. 2017 FIC STARNONE
To the farthest shores Camden, Elizabeth, 1948- author. 2017 FIC CAMDEN
Trajectory Russo, Richard, 1949- author. 2017
Trumpet of death : a Martha's Vineyard mystery Riggs, Cynthia, author. 2017
Void star : a novel Mason, Zachary, 1974- author. 2017 SCI FI MASON
Walkaway Doctorow, Cory author. 2017
Wicked abyss Cole, Kresley, author. 2017 FIC COLE
With love, wherever you are : a novel Mackall, Dandi Daley, author. 2017 FIC MACKALL
Within the Sanctuary of Wings : A Memoir by Lady Trent Brennan, Marie
You'll think of me Hatcher, Robin Lee, author. 2017 FIC HATCHER