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Title Author Pub date Call Number
A bridge across the ocean Meissner, Susan, 1961- author. 2017 FIC MEISSNER
A climate of fear Vargas, Fred, author. 2017 MYS VARGAS
A death by any other name Arlen, Tessa, author. 2017 MYS ARLEN
A horse walks into a bar Grossman, David, author. 2017 FIC GROSSMAN
A separation : a novel Kitamura, Katie M, author. 2017 FIC KITAMURA
A shattered circle Egan, Kevin, author. 2017 FIC EGAN
A simple favor : a novel Bell, Darcey, author. 2017 FIC BELL
A suitable lie Malone, Michael J., author. 2016 FIC MALONE
A twist of the knife Masterman, Becky, author. 2017 MYS MASTERMAN
All that's left to tell Lowe, Daniel, 1957- author. 2017 FIC LOWE
Amiable with big teeth : a novel of the love affair between the communists and the poor black sheep of Harlem McKay, Claude, 1890-1948, author. 2017 FIC MCKAY
An address in Amsterdam : a novel Fillmore, Mary Dingee, author. 2016 FIC FILLMORE
Arrangement : a novel Dunn, Sarah, 1969- author. 2017 FIC DUNN
Be my Wolff : a novel Richler, Emma, 1961- author. 2017 FIC RICHLER
Before the war Weldon, Fay, author. 2017 FIC WELDON
Before this is over : a novel Hickie, Amanda, author. 2017 FIC HICKIE
Behind her eyes : a novel Pinborough, Sarah, 1972- author. 2017 MYS PINBOROUGH
Beignets, brides and bodies Ripley, J. R., 1955- author. 2016 MYS RIPLEY
Black book Patterson, James, 1947- author. 2017 FIC PATTERSON
Black fall : a Jessica Blackwood novel Mayne, Andrew, 1973- author. 2017 MYS MAYNE
Buffalo jump blues / A Sean Stranahan Mystery McCafferty, Keith, author. 2016 MYS MCCAFFERTY
Burn Hardt, Helen, author. 2017 FIC HARDT
Dead man switch Quirk, Matthew, author. 2017 FIC QUIRK
Death & the Brewmaster's Widow Ross, Loretta, 1966- 2016 MYS ROSS
Denny's law Gunn, Elizabeth, 1927- author. 2016 MYS GUNN
Destroyer Battles, Brett. 2016 SCI FI BATTLES
Diana, herself : an allegory of awakening Beck, Martha Nibley, 1962- author. 2016 FIC BECK
Distress signals Howard, Catherine Ryan, author. 2016 FIC HOWARD
Eggshells : a novel Lally, Caitriona, author. 2017 FIC LALLY
Encircling : a novel Tiller, Carl Frode, 1970- author. 2015 FIC TILLER
Every wild heart : a novel Donohue, Meg. 2017 FIC DONOHUE
Find me Monroe, J. S, author. 2017 FIC MONROE
Follow me down Smith, Sherri (Sherri Lee), author. 2017 FIC SMITH
Forever a hero Miller, Linda Lael, author. 2017 FIC MILLER
Forever is the worst long time Noe Pagán, Camille, author. 2017 FIC PAGAN
Her secret Gray, Shelley Shepard, author. 2017 FIC GRAY
Hidden graves : a Dek Ekstrom mystery Fredrickson, Jack, author. 2017 MYS FREDRICKSON
If I could tell you : a novel Wilhide, Elizabeth, author. 2017 FIC WILHIDE
If I'm found Blackstock, Terri, 1957- author. 2017 FIC BLACKSTOCK
If not for you : a novel Macomber, Debbie, author. 2017 FIC MACOMBER
Indelible : a novel Saunders, Adelia, author. 2017 FIC SAUNDERS
It happens all the time : a novel Hatvany, Amy, 1972- author. 2017 FIC HATVANY
Last day on earth : stories Puchner, Eric, author. 2017 FIC PUCHNER
Lincoln in the bardo : a novel Saunders, George, 1958- author. 2017 FIC SAUNDERS
Lola : a novel Love, Melissa Scrivner, author. 2017 FIC LOVE
Lucidity Carnoy, David, author. 2017 MYS CARNOY
Luna : wolf moon McDonald, Ian, 1960- 2017 SCI FI MCDONALD
Man overboard Jance, Judith A. author. 2017 MYS JANCE
Mangrove lightning White, Randy Wayne, author. 2017 MYS WHITE
Marked for revenge Schepp, Emelie, author. 2017 FIC SCHEPP
Mississippi blood : a novel Iles, Greg, author. 2017 FIC ILES
Mister Memory : a novel Sedgwick, Marcus, author. 2017 FIC SEDGWICK
Murder at an Irish wedding O'Connor, Carlene, author. 2017 MYS O'CONNOR
Murder on the Serpentine : a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel Perry, Anne, author. 2017 MYS PERRY
Never let you go Stevens, Chevy. 2017 FIC STEVENS
No other world : a novel Mehta, Rahul, author. 2017 FIC MEHTA
One by one Cain, Sarah, author. 2017 MYS CAIN
One of the boys : a novel Magariel, Daniel, author. 2017 FIC MAGARIEL
Phantom pains Baker, Mishell, author. 2017 FIC BAKER
Prayer for the dead : an Inspector McLean novel Oswald, James, author. 2017 MYS OSWALD
Quick off the mark : an Alex Quick mystery Moody, Susan, author. 2016 MYS MOODY
Rabbit cake Hartnett, Annie, author. 2017 FIC HARTNETT
Shadowbahn Erickson, Steve, author. 2017 FIC ERICKSON
Show me a mountain Young, Kerry, 1955- author. 2016 FIC YOUNG
Sinful Scottish laird London, Julia, author. 2017 FIC LONDON
Six four Yokoyama, Hideo, 1957- author. 2017 MYS YOKOYAMA
Skeleton God Pattison, Eliot, author. 2017 MYS PATTISON
Snowblind Ragnar Jónasson, 1976- author. 2017 MYS RAGNAR JONASSON
Sorry to disrupt the peace Cottrell, Patty Yumi, author. 2016 FIC COTTRELL
Spymaster Weis, Margaret, author. 2017 SCI FI WEIS
Star's end Clarke, Cassandra Rose, 1983- author. 2017
Taduno's song : a novel Atogun, Odafe, author. 2017 FIC ATOGUN
The Barrowfields : a novel Lewis, Phillip (Phillip E.), author. 2017 FIC LEWIS
The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency Morton, Mandy, author. 2017 MYS MORTON
The White Russian Bennett, Vanora, 1962- author. 2017 FIC BENNETT
The Young Wives Club : a novel Pennell, Julie, author. 2017 FIC PENNELL
The collapsing empire Scalzi, John, 1969- author. 2017 SCI FI SCALZI
The coming : a novel Osborne, David, 1951- author. 2017 FIC OSBORNE
The cutaway : a novel Kovac, Christina, author. 2017 FIC KOVAC
The devil and Webster : a novel Korelitz, Jean Hanff, 1961- author. 2017 FIC KORELITZ
The exploded view Vladislavić, Ivan, 1957- author. 2017 FIC VLADISLAVIC
The gargoyle hunters Gill, John Freeman, author. 2017 FIC GILL
The good at heart Werner, Ursula, 1964- author. 2017 FIC WERNER
The hope chest : a novel Shipman, Viola, author 2017 FIC SHIPMAN
The last chance matinee Stewart, Mariah, author. 2017 FIC STEWART
The last night at Tremore Beach : a novel Santiago, Mikel, 1975- author. 2017 FIC SANTIAGO
The loving husband Kent, Christobel, author. 2017 FIC KENT
The lucky ones : a novel Pachico, Julianne, author. 2017 FIC PACHICO
The mercy of the tide : a novel Rosson, Keith author. 2017 FIC ROSSON
The murder of Willie Lincoln Solomon, Burt, author. 2017 MYS SOLOMON
The news from the end of the world Miller, Emily Jeanne, author. 2017 FIC MILLER
The night ocean LaFarge, Paul, author. 2017 FIC LAFARGE
The orphan's tale Jenoff, Pam, author. 2017 FIC JENOFF
The outsider Franze, Anthony J, author. 2017 FIC FRANZE
The refugees Nguyen, Viet Thanh, 1971- author. 2017 FIC NGUYEN
The river of kings Brown, Taylor, 1982- author. 2017 FIC BROWN
The secrets you keep : a novel White, Kate, 1950- author. 2017 FIC WHITE
The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane : a novel See, Lisa, author. 2017 FIC SEE
The twelve lives of Samuel Hawley : a novel Tinti, Hannah, author. 2017 FIC TINTI
The typewriter's tale Heyns, Michiel, author. 2017 FIC HEYNS
The underworld : a novel Canty, Kevin, author. 2017 FIC CANTY
The vanishing year : a novel Moretti, Kate, author. 2016 FIC MORETTI
The vicar's daughter Kilpack, Josi S, author. 2017 FIC KILPACK
The wages of sin Welsh, Kaite, author. 2017 MYS WELSH
The weight of him : a novel Rohan, Ethel, author. 2017 FIC ROHAN
The widow's house Goodman, Carol author. 2017 FIC GOODMAN
The will to kill Spillane, Mickey, 1918-2006, author. 2017 MYS SPILLANE
The women in the castle : a novel Shattuck, Jessica, author. 2017 FIC SHATTUCK
Things we lost in the fire : stories Enriquez, Mariana, author. 2017
Time of death : a Stillwater General mystery Kerr, Lucy, author. 2016 MYS KERR
Under the knife Parsons, Kelly author. 2017 FIC PARSONS
Vicious circle Box, C. J., author. 2017 MYS BOX
Waking lions Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet, 1982- author. 2017 FIC GUNDAR-GOSHEN
We were on a break Kelk, Lindsey, author. 2017 FIC KELK
Where the lost girls go : a Laura Mori mystery Noonan, Rosalind, author. 2017 MYS NOONAN
Winterlong Cross, Mason, author. 2017 FIC CROSS